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Infernal Affairs Trilogy

A huge success in Hong Kong and on a worldwide scale (and the subject of a remake by Martin Scorsese), Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's police trilogy tells the story of two undercover agents' parallel journeys over a period of more than ten years. Discover them without further delay thanks to La Rabbia.

Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (Mou gaan dou, 2002, 1h41, int-12ans)
Hong Kong. A thug (Andy Lau) joins the police to become a mole, while an agent (Tony Leung) goes in the opposite direction to infiltrate the gang of a dangerous criminal... A huge success that would inspire Martin Scorsese’s remake, The Departed.
Lumière Institute Sat 9 7:45pm | Villeurbanne Mon 11 8:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Tue 12 10pm | UGC Confluence Sat 16 4:30pm

Infernal Affairs II by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (Mou gaan dou II, 2003, 1h59, int-12ans)
This first sequel takes place more than ten years before the original film, telling the story of Chan and Lau's youth, and Hon Sam's takeover of the gang, while Hong Kong is about to revert from British to Chinese rule... The Hong Kong crime thriller’s second instalment of the cult trilogy.
Comœdia Tue 12 10pm | Cinéma Opéra Thu 14 9:30pm | UGC Confluence Sat 16 7pm

Infernal Affairs III by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan, 2003, 1h57, int-12ans)
The final episode of the trilogy sees the development of two stories: one, immediately prior to the action of the first film, depicts Chan's difficulties within the triad, while the other, after the events of part one, focuses on Lau, who is also worn out by his double game…
Comœdia Thu 14 10pm | UGC Confluence Sat 16 9:45pm | Cinéma Opéra Sun 17 2:15pm

J-Horror, the 3 Faces of Fear

A disjointed woman emerging from a television, a mysterious girl in a yellow raincoat, a femme fatale who cuts up her lovers… at the turn of the millennium, revolutionary horror was decidedly Japanese. Three cult films for a night of J-Horror, AKA Japanese horror movies, presented by La Rabbia.

Ring by Hideo Nakata (Ringu, 1998, 1h36, int-12ans)
A journalist investigates a rumour about a videotape that kills those who watch it after seven days... A cult horror film that has had several successful remakes, both brilliant and terrifying.
Institut Lumière Fri 15 midnight (J-Horror all-nighter 1st film)

Audition by Takashi Miike (Ôdishon, 1999, 1h55, int-16ans)
A man looking to remarry organises a fictitious casting session to find love, embarking on a sordid and bloody adventure... A shocking film between terror and eroticism by one of Japan's most audacious filmmakers.
Lumière Institute Fri 15 midnight (2nd film, J-Horror all-nighter)

Dark Water by Hideo Nakata (Honogurai mizu no soko kara, 2002, 1h41, int-12ans)
A mother and daughter move into a new flat. It turns out to be unsanitary and water gradually invades the house... A stroke of genius, winning multiple awards, halfway between horror and human drama.
Lumière Institute Fri 15 midnight (3rd film, J-Horror all-nighter)

The Adventures of Antoine Doinel

Four feature films and one medium-length film figure among François Truffaut's finest works, relating the story of Antoine Doinel from childhood to manhood. In collaboration with MK2 and Carlotta Films.

The 400 Blows by François Truffaut (Les Quatre cents coups, 1959, 1h39)
Raised in a conflictual family environment, Antoine Doinel has a hard time surviving his adolescence. A truant youth, he gradually slips into petty crime... François Truffaut's first film launched the debut of the New Wave. Starring Jean-Pierre Léaud.
Pathé Bellecour Sun 10 7:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Thu 14 9:15pm | Lumière Institute Fri 15 4:45pm

Antoine and Colette by François Truffaut (Antoine et Colette, 1962, 30min)
Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) is 17 years old. At a concert, he falls under the spell of a certain Colette... A commissioned work for a collective project, entitled Love at Twenty, the film recounts the young man's first, unhappy love story.
Lumière Terreaux Fri 15 9:45pm, screened before Stolen Kisses by François Truffaut

Stolen Kisses by François Truffaut (Baisers volés, 1968, 1h31)
Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) is discharged from the army due to his unstable character. He meets Christine (Claude Jade), the girl he is in love with, yet he is unsure of his feelings... A free adaptation of Balzac's The Lily of the Valley, the third instalment of Antoine's adventures.
Cinéma Opéra Sun 10 10pm | Lumière Terreaux Fri 15 9:45pm

Bed & Board by François Truffaut (Domicile conjugal, 1970, 1h37)
Antoine (Jean-Pierre Léaud) has married Christine (Claude Jade). Their life is rocked by Antoine's eccentric jobs, the birth of their son and his encounter with a young Japanese girl... This fourth chapter of Antoine Doinel's adventures marks the protagonist’s passage to adulthood with humour.
Villa Lumière Wed 13 8:45pm | Comœdia Sat 16 11:15am

Love on the Run by François Truffaut (L'Amour en fuite, 1979, 1h34)
Following his divorce from Christine, Antoine Doinel publishes his début novel. He then finds his first love, Colette, who has just read his book... The end of a twenty-year period, unique in the history of cinema, spent with the character of Antoine Doinel.
Cinéma Opéra Thu 14 4:30 pm | Lumière Terreaux Sat 16 5pm



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