Points of sale

> All tickets available online

>  Hangar du Premier-Film: rue du Premier-Film Lyon 8th, Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm to 6:30pm

>  Photo Gallery of the Lumière Institute: 3, rue de l’Arbre Sec  Lyon 1st, Tuesday through Sunday, 12pm to 6pm

>  Festival village: Institut Lumière Park, rue du Premier-Film, Lyon 8th, 10:30am to 9pm from Saturday the 9th to Sunday the 17th of October

> October 10-17, tickets on sale at the Pathé Bellecour, the Cinéma Comœdia and at the UGC Ciné Cité Confluence.

> Tickets for each screening will be available directly at the related venue the day of the event


Order tickets using your mobile phone or click on the link in the order confirmation email from your mobile to view all your tickets and access them in M-ticket format, then store them on your phone.

From a computer, you can choose to download a ticket to your mobile phone from your account by sending a text containing  the M-Ticket link.

Tickets purchased online must be printed at home of presented on a smartphone. They will not be available at the individual movie theatres. Accreditation badges purchased online must be picked up in person (photo taken on-site) at one of the following points of sale: Villa Lumière, Hangar du Premier-Film, Photo gallery of the Lumière Institute, and the festival Village. The ‘Pass Région’ and ‘Pass Culture’ cards are only accepted at the festival points of sale.
Please bring official ID documents to justify any ticket with a reduced rate (accreditation, age under 14...).

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