Documentaries on the cinema

To immerse yourself in the history of cinema, a selection of previously unseen documentaries, screened ahead of their release. Fascinating stories, biographies, archival footage, major interviews... Indispensable works to extend your discovery of the history of cinema.


L’Animation française, cet autre cinéma by Mickaël Royer (2021, 1h)
After the United States and Japan, French animation has been able to hold its own thanks to its perseverance and creativity.
Villa Lumière Mon 11 6pm

Cartoon Bannis by Michel Lerokourez (2021, 1h01)
Cartoons that have vanished from the archives because of the themes they dealt with (racism, sexism, etc.): a dive into the history of animation from Hollywood.
Villa Lumière Sun 17 2:15pm

Casser la baraque by Nicolas Billon (2021, 55 min)
Fifty years ago, the blockbuster was a new type of industrial production that left little room for the director's personal vision. Is ‘auteur blockbuster’ an oxymoron? Can the term be applied to the work of James Cameron or Christopher Nolan?
Villa Lumière Tue 12 2:15pm

Europa maudits : ¡Que Viva Mexico! by Claudia Collao (2021, 52 min)
The story of a revolutionary film, Que Viva Mexico, released 47 years after its shooting and 31 years after the death of its director, Sergei Eisenstein.
Villa Lumière Fri 15 9:30am

Gentlemen and Miss Lupino by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (2021, 52 min)
Ida Lupino, the sole woman lost in the middle of a male-dominated Hollywood, is not only the film noir actress who traded lines with Bogart, she is above all a great director whom history has forgotten.
Villa Lumière Sat 16 6pm

Ida Lupino, la fiancée rebelle d’Hollywood by Géraldine Boudot (2021, 52 min)
A look back at the eventful life of Ida Lupino, a blonde starlet with a temperamental personality who made her mark in the very masculine world of Hollywood as an actress, screenwriter, producer and director.
Villa Lumière Sun 10 2:30pm

Jacques Tati, tombé de la lune by Jean-Baptiste Péretié (2021, 1h)
The first feature film on the artistic life of Jacques Tati, from his beginnings in the music hall to his final years.
Villa Lumière Wed 13 4:45pm

Sous le soleil de Pialat by William Karel (2021, 52 min)
William Karel observed Maurice Pialat for 20 years. He recounts his incredible journey based on personal memories and previously unpublished archives.
Villa Lumière Thu 14 5:45pm

The Storms of Jeremy Thomas by Mark Cousins (2021, 1h30)
Documentary filmmaker Mark Cousins traces producer Jeremy Thomas's car trip from London to the Cannes Film Festival. The journey is a pretext to look back at a fascinating career, crowned in 1988 with the Oscar for Best Film for The Last Emperor.
Villa Lumière Fri 15 4:30pm

Tourner pour vivre by Philippe Azoulay (2021, 1h45, VFSTA)
For seven years, we share the life of a filmmaker and his belief in the incredible fertility of chaos. A unique journey, an artistic adventure, a human and spiritual experience with Claude Lelouch.
UGC Confluence Sat 16 11:15am

Trintignant par Trintignant by Lucie Cariès (2021, 52 min)
Trintignant tells his life story, showing us that, behind the great actor, there is a man living with tragedy, who elegantly succeeds in blurring the lines.
Villa Lumière Mon 11 2:15pm

Documentary event
The Story of Film: A New Generation by Mark Cousins (2021, 2h40)
Ten years after The Story of Film: An Odyssey, a vast survey of the state of film production in the 20th century, Mark Cousins re-examines the film industry around the world today.
UGC Confluence Thu 14 4:15pm

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