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Memories of Bertrand Tavernier

Photographs by Étienne George


From October 9 to November 21


"From early on, Étienne George was a companion, a co-conspirator, an ally, a comrade in times of both doubt and jubilation. We shared laughter and moments of exhaustion in the hills of Romania. He was a key witness and immediately became part of my family. From The Clockmaker of St. Paul onwards, he captured gestures, lights, fleeting moments- multiple snapshots which, put together, reflect the adventure of a film, its climate, its colour. The work of the set photographer gives this film a reality, it wills it to exist in the eyes of the public, kindling its interest and excitement. Yes, the set photographer is the first link between the film and its audience, and I remember myself as a teenager salivating at the images displayed at the entrance to cinemas, trying to decipher them, to read the dramatic tensions as if they were photograms.”

Bertrand Tavernier


Cinema Gallery 3
3 rue Pleney, Lyon 1st
(metro : Hôtel de ville)

From October 9 to November 21
- During the festival: Daily from 11am to 8pm
- After the festival: Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 7pm




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